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“London Ballet Classes are really fun and inclusive, with the focus being on the enjoyment of dance. The teacher was herself an adult beginner years ago, and therefore really understands both how to teach technique to beginners, but also the importance of encouraging individual artistry and enjoyment. The choreography and music is really beautiful. What’s also unique and clever is that the barre and centre work throughout a class is all choreographed with a particular classical variation in mind, and the last portion of the class involves putting together the steps and learning the full variation. I know of no other classes in London that offer this.” - Wei Wei

“I was nervous attending my first adult ballet class as a complete beginner but this class had a friendly and relaxed atmosphere where I was able to learn and meet others at the same level as me. The teacher was professional and had a great technique but also approachable and encouraging. I will be returning to this class and recommend this to others. This has really sparked my interest in ballet further and helped me feel more confident that it is something I can pursue even as an adult” - Julie Walker

“I greatly enjoyed this ballet class, particularly due to the teacher’s good instruction. She breaks down the common mistakes of each move (for example the placement of your weight), which leads to fast improvements and she gives every student specific tips. Definitely one of the best ballet classes in London!” - Franz

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