Help make ballet ethical, environmentally friendly and sustainable

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We TOTALLY understand that dancers love to update their leotards, skirts and general ballet attire every once in a while, we wear our ballet clothes so much we can get sick of them. In order to ensure we can all do this in an affordable and environmentally friendly way, we have created a platform where you can effortlessly swap, sell and buy pre-loved ballet clothing at an affordable rate. Save some extra pennies and help to make a difference to our world.

Why have you set up Ballet Swish?

Did you know that each year tonnes of ballet clothes and merchandise end up in landfill? In the same way as fast fashion, the ballet industry contributes a great deal to waste, and plays a huge part in environmental damage and degradation. For professional dancers, pointe shoes may only last one performance or one day! We will let you do the math…

Ballet clothes are also rather expensive and sometimes unaffordable. We understand the incredible craftsmanship and skill required to produce them, but still think it would be great if ballet attire had more usage and was more accessible. Many people would be open to swapping or buying clothes from other local dancers, but don’t know how to go about this. We wanted to create a system that made it hassle free and costs you nothing!

How can I get involved?

Simply follow @balletswish on Instagram. To list items for sale or swap simply DM or email us an image of the item with some key details such as size, brand, condition, price and your location. We will list it and tag you in the post. Anyone interested in buying or swapping with you can contact you directly on Instagram or by email.

Is it free?

100% yes. Our intention is purely to create a platform which better connects dancers and helps them to find affordable and environmentally sustainable clothing. If you sell clothes there is NO commission or fees, all sales and swaps will go directly through you, we just help to market your items.